Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blacker Reunion

So I went to this reunion armed with my camera!! Did anyone see me with it? Probably not, because I left it in the car!!! I'm so mad! I don't have any pictures to scrapbook!!! Could someone please help me????


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Cyerra!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Cyerra,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

It's Done!

I took Micah to get her drivers license yesterday. We had to meet her old drivers Ed teacher for the skills test. He was sure to ask her if she was sure she wanted to take it on Friday the 13th, after I had been asking her all morning. She did well. She took a big corner a bit fast...and has issues stopping completely at stop signs. And I thought it was a bit unfair she had to parallel park where there was no We hurried over for her to take the written test right after.
She only missed 3! She finally got her "mug shot" and the lady congratulated her! The day didn't go off without a hitch though. We did go to take the test and found out that the tags were expired by almost 3 months, and then we had to buy new Idaho plates because I guess ours were too old according to law! But I guess if this is the worst, it's all good!

Monday, July 9, 2007

I have finished my first catering job. WOW!!! Didn't know it would be so hard and stressful. I ended up decorating, setting up centerpieces, making corsages, boutinerres, and assemblying the cake on top of all of the food. It was crazy. Everyone said they loved the food and I didn't run out. Now I am getting ready to caterer a wedding in October.

Can't wait to see everyone on the 21st.


Friday, July 6, 2007

Throwing up

Wow - that stomach virus is everywhere! Richard spent the 4th in his hotel room throwing up. Spencer spent the morning in his bedroom throwing up. Jared spent all day yesterday throwing up. Abe had spent much of the last week throwing up. Richard was sick the week before. Other than my headache from too much sun and not enough water on the 4th - I feel fine. I hope I don't get sick for the patriotic fireside I'm directing on Sunday.

If Jared feels up to it - he's flying to SLC to be picked up by Ben and head to Downey for a Park Family reunion, then Ben will take him to EFY at BYU monday morning. The rest of us will head up on the 13th to be there for Clarisa's wedding. If everyone is feeling well, that is.


How was everyone's 4th. Ours was pretty quiet. It hailed and rained and my boys thought we might have to postpone doing the fireworks. It was really killing them thinking they couldn't do them.

I am getting ready to cater my first wedding. I have had many sleepless nights and bad dreams of things that could and might go wrong. It is going to be in her backyard and watching the weather, there is a chance for rain and wind. YUCK!!!!!

Wish me luck and talk to you soon.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

4th of July

So what are everyone's plans for the 4th??
So far we have gone to Bear Lake to play, and
to the square for fireworks on Saturday.
Thinking we will probably go to the parade tomorrow.
Might go to Poky for a family picnic.

Like my picture? I finally got a decent camera!